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Zoom attached - April 1st-Upcoming 9th grade scheduling forms (PowerPoint and forms located below in Latest News)
Video attached - March 25th -Instruction Moving Forward
Video attached - March 23rd-School remains closed & Seniors
Video attached - March 20th-K-12 Educational Resources
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We believe:
  • Each student is a valued individual.
  • All students can learn.
  • Students learn best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.
  • Everyone associated with Abingdon High School should be accountable.
  • Student attendance is crucial for learning.
  • Students' health and well-being affect learning.
  • Students deserve a safe and supportive environment.
  • Learning is a cooperative endeavor between the school and community.
  • Extracurricular activities enhance learning.


The mission of Abingdon High School is to prepare students to be productive, responsible citizens of the global community.


Abingdon High School's vision is to be a community in which all students are receptive to learning, all teachers are committed to the success of every student, and all parents are supportive of the educational process.

Latest News

Internship Info

Due to the current COVID-19 national emergency, there have been changes made regarding the United Way of Southwest Virginia’s paid Internship program. Below outlines the major changes. Application deadline is now extended to May 8, 2020 for students. All hiring decisions need to be made by May 22nd, 2020 by the employers. An intern cannot start until June 11th on site unless the stay at home order has been released before then. Then they can start as early as June 1st. The commitment form is the ONLY form now that needs to be turned in. This can be done electronically if you are not able print from home in order to sign. That means you can type in the form and provide contact information along with your printed name; however, if you are unable to type on the form. Please just send an email to me giving your child permission to participate in the internship program. Have your child login to MajorClarity at majorclarity.com to apply for an internship today! If you have any further questions about the Ignite program or the internship application process, please feel free to reach out to me. Sincerely, Meghan Tolliver (mtolliver@wcs.k12.va.us) Ignite Coordinator Abingdon High School