Updated Dress Code Policy

Student are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment.  A student’s attire should facilitate the participation in learning as well as the health and safety of students.  This policy is intended to provide guidance for students, staff, and parents.

Appropriate Student Attire. Students must wear clothing that is appropriate to a K-12 educational environment and does not or is not likely to cause a substantial disruption and includes the following specifics:
  1. Clothing should not contain language that is profane or images that depict, advertise, or advocate illegal, violent, or lewd conduct, the unlawful possession or use of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or other controlled substances.
  2. Clothing must cover the midriff.
  3. Clothing that covers private areas should be opaque.
  4. Clothing that does not reveal undergarments and/or private areas.
  5. Clothing should be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities where unique hazards exist.
  6. Provided that faces are clearly visible by other students and staff, hats, hoods, and other head coverings may be worn.
  1.  Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of school administration. Teachers should notify administration of violations in a discreet manner.
  2. Enforcement must be reasonably discreet, equitable, and gender neutral in implementation.
  3. Enforcement should include options for reasonable remediation of the infraction that demonstrates respect and where possible, minimizes the loss of instructional time. School issued items will be issued when necessary to minimize the loss of instructional time.
  4. Enforcement may include disciplinary actions that are consistent with discipline policies.