FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: If a student attends morning CTE, when do they report to that class?
A: When a student arrives at AHS (after 7:30am) they will have the opportunity to get their breakfast and then report directly to their class at the CTE Center.
Q: What impact does the delayed school start have on the prior communication and planning at AHS?
A: a. Freshman orientation scheduled for Thursday, Aug 6th will have to be changed. Further details will be communicated.
b. Communication from teachers for 100 percent students concerning learning management systems that was going to take place by Friday, Aug 7th will be delayed until Friday, Aug 21st.
Q: What will virtual learning days look like?
A: All instruction, activities, and assignments will be asynchronous, meaning a student will be able to complete assignments, watch videos, and complete other activities on their own schedule. They will not participate in "live" class sessions through zoom or other platforms.
Q: Are the 100 percent virtual classes taught by AHS faculty?
A: Yes.  A 100 percent virtual student will receive instruction from the same teachers listed on their individual student schedule.

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