Department Chair/Senior & Freshman Counselor - Trina Gross 
Sophomore & Junior Counselor/Testing Coordinator - Kristy Noe
Secretary/Registrar - Brenda Kendrick
VHCC Career Coach - Maressa Monk

The Abingdon High School Guidance Department is committed to assisting all students in meeting the demands of the high school environment and society at large. High school students are striving to understand themselves and their relationships with others while they develop knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and made decisions that re critical to their adult life. Recognizing this, we attempt to provide courses and services that will support the students, encourage their growth, and facilitate their pursuit of realistic goals.

The  counselors are available to assist all students in their educational, career, personal, and social development. While the focus of the guidance services is on the student, counselors consult with parents, teachers, social services, schools, and community personnel in helping in the student's development. the counselors want to know the parents of their students and urge them to visit the Guidance Department.