Friday, February 22nd

  • Attention Juniors and Seniors: We will have our annual career fair in the gym on Tuesday, February 28th during 3rd. Businesses from across the region will be present to talk with you about career apportunities, education requirements,etc.. You will be required to scan a QR code at each table you visit during the fair, and those juniors or seniors with 5 or more scans will be entered to win a prize. You can scan QR codes using a QR scanner app, your cell phone camera, or using Snapchat. Please be sure you have one of these capabilities before entering the career fair on Tuesday. Your 3rd peirod teacher will let you know what time your class will be visiting the fair.

  • Spring sports are around the corner, time to cheer on your favorite player - purchase your sports pass for $16 in the main office.