The letter A with bird wings on both sides.CODE OF SPORTSMANSHIP:

Good sportsmanship is the primary purpose and goal of the Abingdon High School interscholastic athletic program. We feel very strongly about good sportsmanship at all times and will strive to uphold school pride, ethics, and integrity in all events. Good sportsmanship is a team effort and that team is comprised of administrators, coaches, players, cheerleaders, students, parents, and all spectators. Pride is necessary in both winning and losing -- it doesn't come with beating the rest but in knowing that we can win with class, lose with style, and always give our best and go that extra mile.


"Sportsmanship -- YOU make the difference -- Win with class, compete with pride!"


Abingdon High School will not recognize any unauthorized solicitation on souvenir products (balls, megaphones, shakers, etc.), printed schedules, or other items unless pre-approval has been secured through the Athletic Director. Please call Gabe Long, Athletic Director, (739-3217) to verify any solicitation.

Directions to Fields

  • The football field is located behind the school.  Baseball and Softball fields are located along Stanley Drive (first right off of Thompson Drive). 

  • Come early for good parking.